Susan H. Stafford


Review of "Between Earth and Heaven: The Architecture of John Lautner"
A review of a book of four essays about the often misunderstood Lautner, one of the 20th century's great architectural visionaries.

Working Together for Pre-School Success
LaCrosse Wisconsin educators and community institutions serving pre-school children worked together to build a strong collaboration. Their decade-long efforts have ensured that all four year olds in the district have access to high quality pre-school programs. Their model has inspired other districts through the state and across the country to work together with the community to build and improve access to pre-school programs for four year olds.

The Luis and Ethel Marden House: Adventure in Restoration
National Geographic photographer, Luis Marden, and his wife, Ethel, commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build a cozy Usonian home perched high above the Potomac. Years later, AOL co-found Jim Kimsey restored it to perfection and now uses it as a venue for philanthropic events and a retreat for houseguests.

Community College: Is It Right for You?
Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2006
This easy-to-read guide abounds with practical advice about community college’s benefits and options plus strategies for success once students have enrolled from the people who know: community college students, faculty and staff.

Research Papers Unzipped
Don't struggle with writing that research paper! This easy guide walks you through all the basic steps required to put together a work that will wow your teachers and classmates.

Students Tracking Their Own Data Make Gains
Through a creative Student Data Portfolio project, 6th to 8th grade students at Verrado Middle School in Buckeye, AZ, analyze their own test scores and grades, and learn to set the groundwork for future academic success.

Reinventing Education Alaska-style
A totally revamped educational model that draws heavily upon community participation at all levels turns failure into success for students, teachers, administrators, and the broader community.

Burlington School Food Project: A recipe for school and community partnership
Who says that school cafeteria food has to be awful? Not the Burlington School Food Project which ensures delivery of fresh and local produce to students in its ten schools every day. This community-wide initiative has turned school breakfasts and lunches into tasty culinary adventures while teaching students about health, nutrition, and the local farm economy.

Food for Thought at a Vermont Elementary School
By introducing food as a common subject of interest and exploration into the curriculum, students' skills have improved and helped ESL students bridge linguistic and cultural gaps.

Tough Times, Tough Measures: Funding strategies that work
Through strategic planning that involves both a shift to community-centered schools and a long-term master facilities plan, the Cincinnati Public School system has engaged external funders and partners to leverage human and financial resources to achieve its goals.

Challenging Students with Math at J.E.B. Stuart High School
J.E.B. Stuart High School math instructor, William Horkan, challenges students of all levels of mathematical abilities to take an advanced course that will prepare them for college-level math and help them in their efforts to gain admission to college.

Kansas Elementary School Closes the Achievement Gap
A Kansas school tackles literacy throughout the system and closes the achievement gap for its low-income students and English language learners.

A Michigan district gets physical with reading
Reading isn't a sit-around activity at this Michigan elementary school. Students are physically involved in the act of reading in a successful after-school tutoring program.

Small Academies Help Students Make the Grade
Bridgwater HS shut its doors as a traditional high school one day and re-opened the next with a new educational format based on academies. The results have been better attendance, better grades, and more parental involvement.

Granger High School Grapples with the Basics - and Wins
With dismal test scores and an equally dismal graduation rate, Latino students at Granger High School in Washington's Yakima Valley faced an uncertain future. Enter Principal Richard Esparza who jumpstarted a wave of academic success with a rigorous approach to education that focused on the personal dimension also.

One Small School Making Big Dreams Come True in Wyoming
Through the creative use of online teaching and technology, Native American students in Fort Washaskie Charter High School have an excellent chance at educational success.

Hip Meets History
Across the river from D.C., Old Town Alexandria offers visitors a vibrant mix of history and hip without the power buzz of the capitol.

Alexandria’s Washington Monument
Tucked away in a quiet, commercial development, the Promenade Classique offers tourists, residents, and office workers a peaceful stroll through a fountain-filled park leading to a replica of the Washington Monument on the banks of the Potomac River in Old Town Alexandria.

Expect the Unexpected on the Wild Side of Peru
If you've got a taste for adventure, go off the beaten track to the lush rainforests of the northeastern Peruvian Amazon. Explore the area the way its inhabitants do, using the river as your highway.

Cruising the Wild Side of Peru
Be one of only 3,000 visitors each year to the Peruvian Amazon. Aboard the cruise ship, L'Amatista, explore the protected Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, looking for pink dolphins, sloths, exotic birds, long nosed bats, giant waterlilies and exotic birds.

Embracing Love at the Seaside in Lima, Peru
Love is the focus at a seaside park in Lima.

Deck the Malls: Christmas in Dubai
Ever-progressive Dubai celebrates the Christmas season in high-style throughout its malls complete with decorations, Santa's villages, and Christmas trees. At the luxurious Wafi City Mall, there's something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what one's religion.

Under the Stars of the Kalahari
Jack's Camp on the remote Magakdikgadi Salt Pans of the Kalahari desert offers visitors unexpected opportunities including a night under the stars.

Jack’s Camp in the Kalahari Desert of Botswana
Jack’s Camp on the edges of the Kalahari Desert’s Makgadikgadi Salt Pans offers safari-goers a glimpse into the world of the Bushmen and unusual fauna, including the rare brown hyena, aardwolf, and meerkats, while enjoying the luxury of a classic British-style safari camp.

Selected Works

John Lautner's striking architecture blurred the boundaries between earth and heaven. These essays draw on writings, papers, construction drawings, photographs, and other materials from The John Lautner Foundation Archive to give the architect his just place in the realm of architectural giants.
The Luis and Ethel Marden House is a privately owned architectural gem, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for National Geographic photographer, Luis Marden, and his wife, Ethel.
K-12 Education
Over the past ten years, the Community Collaboration for Four Year Olds has transformed access to pre-school programs for parents and students.
Students at Verrado Middle School in Buckeye, AZ, know exactly what their test scores and grades mean and use them to set academic, social, and behavioral goals for the future.
An Alaska school district replaced a failed educational model through diligent work with the community. By inventing the system, the Chugach Quality Schools Model has improved test scores, reduced drop-out rates, and helped maintain its teaching staff. Everyone wins.
Drawing on all sectors of the community, the Burlington School Food Project is a national farm-to-school model that has united this Vermont school district, community organizations and businesses, and parents to bring healthy eating into the school system.
Connecting students with local sources of food in Burlington, VT, not only teaches students about sustainability, but has helped to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers separating students in this diverse community.
The Cincinnati Public School system has found a pathway to fundraising success.
Average students make the grade in an advanced mathematics course
A school's literacy framework at all grade levels improves students' aptitude in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, closing the achievement gap for low-income students and English language learners.
Body Phonics, a tactile and kinesthetic approach to reading, gets students physically involved as sounds, letters, and words are munched, crunched, and pounced on. Students struggling with reading now enjoy it and are better readers through this unique system.
Bridgewater HS in New Jersey revamped its educational format and got results.
An inspired principal with a disciplined, but personal, approach to education helps a rural high school break the chokehold of failure.
Ft Washakie Charter High School in Wyoming helps Native American students turn their dreams of graduating from high school into reality.
First-of-its kind comprehensive guide for prospective community college students of all ages and backgrounds.
A short, informative guide that unzips the mystery of how to write a research paper for students of all ages. August 2007, Peterson's.
Travel Articles
Old Town Alexandria has a new vibe with hip hotels and restaurants headed by star chefs.
There’s more than one Washington Monument in the D.C. area and Old Town Alexandria’s got it!
Lose yourself in the beauty of the Peruvian Amazon aboard La Amatista.
Take a voyage to the hidden wonders of the Peruvian Amazon.
The colorful Parque del Amor is filled with the poetry of love.
The Wafi City Mall in Dubai offers the author an unexpected encounter with Christmas.
The comfort of a tent with running water, or a night out under the stars?
Enjoy a unique twist on the standard safari with a sojourn into the Kalahari.

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