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Community College:
Is It Right for You?

Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2006

Community College: Is It Right for You? Helps you answer that question realistically.

A practical alternative to more expensive four-year colleges and universities, community colleges are hot! At community colleges, you can get fast-track training for high-demand jobs; earn a certificate or an associate’s degree; build your skills, confidence, and college credits before transferring to a four-year institution; enhance your abilities for your current job; or re-tool for a career change. Over 11 million students of all ages and backgrounds enroll in community colleges every year. Should you join them?

This one-of-a-kind guide helps you decide. It describes the community college experience and covers the benefits of attending a community college, how to apply, how to afford it (including the scoop on financial aid), where a community college education can lead, and more. Whether you’re considering community college as a springboard to further education, a launchpad for a promising career, or a way to enhance your skills for today’s competitive job market, you’ll learn what to expect and what to do if you decide community college is right for you.

Packed with practical information, this book includes:

Snapshots--Profiles of and interviews with community college students

Real-Life, Expert Advice--Insights and tips from community college students, faculty, and staff

Fast Facts--Surprising tidbits of information about community colleges

Reality Checks--Helpful questions to ask as you consider your options

Community College: Is It Right for You? could be one of the most helpful educational books you’ll ever read!


“Community college is becoming the preferred option for a growing number of students -- especially those seeking to do battle with soaring tuition rates at four-year colleges and universities. Community College: Is It Right for You? does just what the title says. It explores the practical issues involved in enrolling in a community college, including how to ensure that academic credits are transferrable to four-year institutions. This book should be in every high school guidance and career training office.”
-- Edward B. Fiske
Editor, The Fiske Guide to Colleges

“Community colleges are a masterpiece of American ingenuity. They have blossomed over the last four decades because they were needed, and they have served admirably. Here, Susan Stafford offers both an authoritative and user-friendly guide to community colleges. Prospective students of any background, or any age, 16 to 80 or so, will benefit from this information-packed book.”
--Jerrold K. Footlick
Former Education Editor and Senior Editor, Newsweek

“Dr. Susan Stafford, a keen and inside observer of both private and public education, has given us a comprehensive and realistic survey of the role of community colleges in our country. When the overwhelming majority of our young people choose to attend community college for part or all of their higher educations, it is important for us to know the value of these institutions to our nation’s literacy--as you hear in the many individual voices of students in this fine, well-researched work. A helpful book for parents, students, and anyone truly interested in education.”
--Ceil Cleveland
Author and former professor of English, New York University, vice president at Stony Brook University and Queens College, and senior administrator at Columbia University